Are you ready for a fresh perspective?

With an approach deeply-rooted in design thinking and strategy, I help businesses and organisations turn to the people they serve - employees, customers, potential customers and partners - to gain new perspectives. These insights can help organisations adapt to the changing needs of customers, build stronger connections, grow the brand or identify new market opportunities.


How I can help

Whether I'm taking on a Design Thinking project or approaching a brand challenge, people are at the heart of everything I do. Why? Because when we focus on the needs and experience of the people we serve, the world becomes a little bit better place (and can help profits grow, too!)



A method and a mindset for solving problems and creating innovations that focus on people.


Design Thinking Workshops & Training

Build internal Design Thinking capacity using a learn-by-doing approach. From from intensive workshops to an integrated project approach, teams tackle a real challenge while learning about the methods and mindset of Design Thinking and identifying new ways integrating these skills into their work.

Design Thinking Facilitation

Tackle a business challenge by bringing together people with diverse perspectives. We'll use tools from the Design Thinking toolbox to approach your challenge or opportunity from different angles, working together to identify actions before, during and after the facilitation to make the time investment valuable for both participants and the organisation.

Research & Insights

Get the insights you need for your next project or big idea. Using qualitative research methods (such as interviews, design probes and workshops), I'll work with you to gain insights from employees, customers, potential customers or partners and use these insights to help move your project forward.


Nice to meet you.

I'm Ann Padley.
Design Thinking & Strategic Marketing Consultant


Increase internal capacity

Through workshops and design thinking mentorship we can work together to have dual impact: Tackle as business problem you've been struggling with and build hands-on experience for your internal team.

Building your team's internal capacity to think differently by using a design approach is a sustainable investment (you know the saying, "Give a man a fish he'll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime.)

If your team is already experienced, I'm a great "extra hand" and happy to work on a contract basis in a way that fits your team's workflow and culture.

Solve a business challenge

Sometimes when we have a challenge we jump to the first solution. That's not always a bad thing; unless, of course, the solution doesn't solve the real problem. This is where the art of listening comes in. 

Opening up the conversation to employees and customers through interviews, observation and co-creation workshops helps uncover the root of the issue. Their insights often lead to new and unexpected solutions. 

As we bring these solutions to life, running iterations and tests can helps us find the one that's good for your customer and your business.


Design thinking, Brand Development, MARKETING and a host of projects in between


Want to meet up for a coffee, a glass of wine?

Don't be shy, I'd love to!